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High School Yearbook Project

  • June 8, 2022

For years, people have been donating high school yearbooks to NEPGS.  These books have been scanned and digitized and made available at the NEPGS office for members and visitors.

During the Covid lockdown, Jim McAndrew, one of our senior volunteers, decided to enhance and enlarge our high school yearbook collection.  Jim visited, called, emailed and wrote to schools throughout Luzerne and Lackawanna counties and asked if NEPGS could borrow their yearbooks and return them along with a digital copy.

In addition, Jim has been asking people he knows or meets where they went to high school and if they have yearbooks to lend to NEPGS.

Many schools have been happily participating with NEPGS in this effort.  Through August 2022, we have been able to process more than 2,100 yearbooks from 78 Luzerne County high schools along with 91 yearbooks from 31 Lackawanna County high schools. The oldest yearbook we have is from 1897 Wyoming Seminary.  In July we added full collections of yearbooks from Crestwood, GAR, Meyers and Coughlin.

And the project continues with promises from more high schools to provide their yearbooks over the next few months.  To see our entire collection of yearbooks to date, please click on the list below. All the yearbooks can be viewed and searched at the NEPGS office.

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