With Much Appreciation…

It is with much appreciation that the NEPGS Officers and Board Members wish to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to Roseann Kebles for serving as our President these past 4 years. We would not be the organization we are today without her commitment, her personal sacrifice, her untiring devotion, and her dedication towards advancing genealogical causes within our community. Roseann’s achievements as President are too numerous to list here but certainly, highlights include the strengthening of our financial health, securing the Scranton Diocese Parish Records Digitization Project, championing our DNA genetic genealogy efforts, and attracting so many new members, volunteers, and board members.

It is through her leadership that the NEPGS is a thriving and growing organization today. Although term-limited in her role as President, we are so grateful that Roseann will continue to serve as an officer of NEPGS. We also would like to acknowledge Ron Scheff, Lisa Doran, and Alan Drust for their roles as Officers and Board Members. Each has served to improve our organization and they will also remain with NEPGS. Newly elected members of the Board and Officers will be separately announced.

The NEPGS Officers and Board Members

October 14, 2017